What is HTML?

Hyper-Text Markup Language, or HTML, is an XML style language used to define the basic foundations of a website. HTML is used to define the structure and layout of a website as well as define basic meta data or information regarding the contents of a website, such as a description, keywords, author, etc.

Unlike XML, HTML has specific tags that can be used within the document, and by itself a HTML can be opened in a browser and viewed as a webpage. Within a HTML document there are two main tags, the head and body, which are enclosed within an ‘html’ tag. The head tag is used to contain information about the website, such as the title of the page, the author, etc. The body tag is used to contain the actual contents of the webpage, such as the paragraphs of words, the images, etc.

The code below shows a basic structure of a html document. There is also a title tag used within the head tag of the document. The title tag contains text that is used to set the text in the tab header of the browser when viewing the webpage.

        <title>My First Webpage</title>

Use the code snippet above, save it into a file ending with a ‘.html’ suffix and open it in a browser. You should see the tab text matches the text within the title tag. Try changing the title tag, or adding text within the body tag, saving and reloading the webpage.

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