This page will contain links to any projects (apps, games, etc) that I have created or am in the process of creating/updating.

At the bottom of this page, you will find links to various social media accounts that I belong to. I do have other accounts on other websites and usually have a username of “acroynon” or “adamroynon”.

If you feel like donating and helping support me keep the lights on and fuel my coffee habit then please click on the coffee cup and check out my Buymeacoffee page.


Python: An Introduction to Code
This book teaches programming from basics using the Python programming languages. It covers everything from how to set up and install python, control flow, loops, functions, OOP, and even some more computer science theoretical topics. There are plenty of exercises and projects throughout to keep the reader engaged and learning.


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I have set up a small discord server to enable me to communicate with the community easier and give a place for the community to exist online. Currently, this server is in its infancy and only has a few channels and not many members, but with your help, we can make it a great place for the community.

TES – Teaching Resources

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I’ve always had an interest in teaching, my mother is a teacher, and when I was in school I did a handful of placements as a teaching assistant (TA) and even private tutoring. Most computer science graduate/programmers don’t go into teaching as you get paid a lot more in the software industry. Unfortunately, this means there is a lack of good computer science and computer trained teachers. I’m not saying this is true for every school, there do exist some really fantastic computing teachers. In any case, as a way of giving back and supporting the teaching community I have created a shop on TES (a portal teachers use to exchange teaching resources) and will be stocking it with lessons, resources, and anything I can make that can be helpful. It won’t all be computing-related, as then I have an excuse to look into other subjects to satisfy my curiosity. All the resources will either be totally free or have a small cost.

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