HTML Lists Explained

When writing documents you may make lists, html documents are no different and have features to allow you to list items. Items can be listed in two different ways within html, there are bullet point lists and numbered lists. Each list contains list items, which are the items/entries in the list.

The bullet point list type is called an unorder list within html. It is called unordered due to it not being numbered, and therefore there being no order within the list. The unordered list tag has both an opening and closing tag. Within the ‘ol’ tag there are list item tag, which have both opening and closing tags. The list item tags contain the text you want to display per item in the list.

The second type of list within html is called an ordered list. The order list is the numbered list, which starts at the number 1 and increments for all the list items contained within the ordered list. The ‘ol’ tag is structured the same way as the unordered list tag. It has both opening and closing tags and contains list item tags which contain the text to be displayed per list item.

Lists within html can be used as normal lists, either bullet point or numbered. Lists are also commonly used for navigation bars, as there are easy to add and remove items too without a lot of code.

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